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 Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Collections

Explore the extensive range of wholesale sterling silver jewelry collections at Our handpicked assortments showcase the finest necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and pendants, all crafted from high-quality sterling silver. Perfect for personal wear or stocking your retail store, our collections cater to diverse styles and budgets. Shop now to discover exceptional designs and unbeatable wholesale prices on all your silver jewelry needs.

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  • What does “925” mean? 

925 refers to the purity of the silver, meaning it contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, typically copper, to add strength and durability.

  • Is silver 925 hypoallergenic? 

Generally, yes, it’s less likely to cause allergic reactions than other metals. However, some people may still be sensitive to the copper alloy.

  • How do I clean silver jewelry? 

There are various methods, like using a silver polishing cloth, diluted dish soap, or baking soda. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives.

  • Tarnishing: What causes it and how do I prevent it? 

Silver naturally tarnishes when exposed to air and certain chemicals. Store your jewelry in a dry, airtight container to prevent it.

  • Is silver 925 jewelry valuable? 

The value depends on several factors like design, weight, gemstones, and brand. Vintage or designer pieces can be highly collectible.

  • What are the different types of silver jewelry? 

There are countless styles, from classic chains and rings to intricate and trendy designs.

  • Is silver 925 magnetic? 

No, pure silver is not magnetic. However, the copper alloy might have slightly magnetic properties.

  • Is silver 925 stronger than gold? 

No, gold is generally considered a stronger and more scratch-resistant metal.

  • Can I wear silver 925 jewelry in the shower or pool?

It’s not recommended, as chlorine and harsh chemicals can accelerate tarnishing and potentially damage the jewelry.

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