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Wholesale Silver Gold Plated Jewellery Collections

Elevate your inventory with our captivating collection of wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry, including online gold plated jewellery and fashion jewellery gold plated. Offer customers the timeless elegance of gold at a fraction of the cost with our exquisite range. From delicate and minimalist designs to bold statement pieces in both classic gold and trending Rose Gold Jewelry, our collection empowers you to cater to a wider clientele seeking sophisticated style and on-trend looks. Your customers can express their individuality with confidence, indulging in the luxurious look and feel of gold.

F A Q s About Gold Plated Jewellery Collections


Does gold-plated jewelry tarnish?

Gold-plated jewelry can tarnish over time or when exposed to chemicals such as chlorine, or due to impacts, causing the gold coating to wear off. However, it is possible to replate the worn-off gold.

Is gold-plated jewelry real gold?

The gold used in plating is generally real gold, thinly coated onto the piece.

How can I make my gold-plated jewelry last longer?

Store in a dry and cool place, avoid harsh chemicals, clean with clean water, and wipe with a soft cloth. Try not to use strong chemicals for cleaning.

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