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Wholesale Sterling Silver Nose Jewelry Collection

Elevate your jewelry inventory with our captivating collection of wholesale sterling silver nose jewelry. Expand your offerings with a variety of designs, including classic silver nose studs, timeless silver nose hoops, and edgy silver sterling nose rings. Cater to customers seeking subtle elegance or a bold statement piece – our collection empowers them to express their unique personalities with confidence.

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Types of Sterling Silver Nose Jewelry

Nose rings: These come in a variety of closures, including captive beads, clickers, and bone rings. Captive bead rings have a small ball that fits into a groove on the ring to keep it secure. Clicker rings have a hinged closure that snaps shut. Bone rings are slightly curved and have a blunt end that is inserted into the nostril piercing.

Nose studs: These are typically straight posts with a decorative end, such as a ball, gemstone, or symbol. They are secured with a push-pin backing that fits snugly against the inside of the nostril.

Nose hoops: These are closed circles that fit snugly around the nostril. They come in a variety of thicknesses and diameters, and can be plain or embellished with stones or designs.

Choosing the Right Sterling Silver Nose Jewelry

  • Metal Gauge: The gauge refers to the thickness of the jewelry. Nose rings and studs typically range from 16 gauge to 20 gauge, with 16 gauge being the thickest and 20 gauge being the thinnest. The right gauge for you will depend on the thickness of your piercing and your personal preference.
  • Design: Sterling silver nose jewelry comes in a wide variety of designs to suit all tastes. You can find simple and classic pieces or more elaborate and eye-catching options. Choose something that you feel confident and comfortable wearing.

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