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Wholesale Sterling Silver Cross Jewelry

There is a meaning for each type of Cross for you to know. See What Does Cross Jewelry Mean? (The content is in the process of being updated.)

Feast your eyes on the breathtaking array of intricate Celtic jewelry designs adorn our sterling silver cross . From delicate filigree patterns to bold and contemporary styles, our collection of cross necklaces cheap caters to every taste and preference. Discover the perfect sterling silver animal  that resonates with your soul.

F A Q s About sterling silver crosses?


What are the different types of sterling silver crosses?

  • Crucifix: This type features the figure of Jesus Christ on the cross, symbolizing his sacrifice and death. It’s a powerful symbol of faith and devotion.
  • Celtic Cross: This iconic cross combines a traditional Christian cross with a surrounding circle, representing eternity, faith, and the four cardinal directions. It’s a popular choice for people with Celtic heritage or an appreciation for its unique design.
  • Sun Cross: This ancient symbol predates Christianity and is often associated with paganism and nature worship. However, it has also been adopted by some Christians as a symbol of God’s light and love.
  • Plain Cross: This simple and elegant design is a versatile choice for anyone who wants a classic and understated cross pendant.

What are the different materials used in sterling silver crosses?

  • Solid Sterling Silver: This is the most common material, known for its durability and beautiful shine.
  • Sterling Silver with Gemstones: Many crosses are adorned with gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds, adding a touch of sparkle and personalization.
  • Sterling Silver with Enamel: Enamel accents can add pops of color and intricate designs to a cross pendant.

What do sterling silver crosses symbolize?

  • Faith and Christianity: For Christians, the cross is a powerful symbol of their faith and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.
  • Protection and guidance: Crosses are often seen as symbols of protection and guidance, offering the wearer a sense of comfort and security.
  • Style and fashion: Sterling silver crosses can also be worn as a fashionable accessory, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit.

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