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Wholesale Sterling Silver Pendants 

Discover the timeless allure and exceptional value of our wholesale sterling silver pendants collection. Each piece, from delicate sterling silver pendant necklaces to captivating sterling silver real stone pendants and sparkling cubic zirconia pendants, is meticulously crafted from genuine sterling silver. This precious metal is renowned for its lustrous shine, enduring beauty, and incredible affordability.

F A Q s About Silver Pendant


What types of silver are used in pendants?

We make jewelry using Sterling silver so that the jewelry can be molded into a strong, durable, and shiny white body. There is no cause beyond allergies.

Do silver pendants tarnish easily?

Silver pendants, like all silver jewelry, can easily tarnish. This is because silver is a reactive metal. and react with various elements easily in the environment This creates a layer of deterioration on the surface. The rate of tarnishing depends on many factors.

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