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Shiva Eye Pendant

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Wholesale Sterling Silver Shiva Eye Pendant

Embrace the depth and mystery of the Shiva Eye with our collection of captivating shiva jewels. These wholesale sterling silver pendants feature a genuine Shiva Eye shell, a natural wonder prized for its mesmerizing concentric circles. Believed to be a protective talisman in Hinduism, the Shiva Eye is said to ward off negativity and bring forth inner strength. Add these beautiful Real Stone Necklaces to your collection today

F A Q s About Sterling Silver Shiva Eye Pendant


What is a Shiva eye stone?

  • A translucent gemstone with a “chatoyant” effect, resembling a cat’s eye.
  • Colors: green, yellow, honey, brown (golden-green most prized).
  • Also known as cat’s eye chrysoberyl.

What does the Shiva eye symbolize?

  • In Hinduism, it represents the third eye of Lord Shiva, symbolizing:
    • Wisdom & knowledge
    • Spiritual insight
    • Protection from evil & negative energies
  • Eye shape itself: vigilance, foresight, inner awareness.

Benefits of wearing a Sterling Silver Shiva eye pendant 

  • Enhanced psychic abilities & spiritual growth
  • Protection from negativity & evil forces
  • Attracting good luck & fortune

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