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Blue Opal Silver Stud Earrings

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Blue Opal Silver Stud Earrings

100 in stock

  • SKU: WES406
  • Finishing: Silver
  • Stone: Opal Stone
  • Size: 3mm
  • Weight: 0.30 grams
  • Price Per Pair

Original price was: $7.20.Current price is: $3.60.

Sku: WES406

100 in stock

Size Chart

Echoes of the Deep: Lustrous Blue Opal Silver Adornments



The Azure Enigma: Dive into the Deep Blue of Opal

Behold the Blue Opal Silver Stud Earrings: where the enigmatic charm of the deep ocean melds with the enduring elegance of silver. The blue opal, a gem revered across civilizations, captures the essence of the vast seas, sky, and the mysteries they hold. Set flawlessly in finely crafted silver, these earrings are more than mere adornments; they are stories of nature’s boundless beauty.



Silver’s Timeless Embrace: Showcasing Blue Opal’s Majesty

A harmonious blend of sterling silver’s lustrous sheen and blue opal’s captivating glow makes these earrings the epitome of craftsmanship. The silver setting, polished to perfection, enhances the blue opal’s ethereal play of colors, creating a dance of light reminiscent of twilight skies or shimmering ocean depths.



Elegance Defined: The Quintessential Accessory for Every Affair

The allure of the Blue Opal Silver Stud Earrings transcends fleeting fashion trends. Suitable for every occasion, from an intimate gathering to grand soirées, these earrings are a testament to the wearer’s impeccable taste, symbolizing a unique blend of sophistication and timeless grace.


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