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Oxidized Silver Geometric Stud Earrings

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Oxidized Silver Geometric Stud Earrings

100 in stock

  • SKU: WES407
  • Finishing: Silver, Oxidized
  • Size: 6mm W x 6mm H
  • Weight: 0.65 grams
  • Price Per Pair

Original price was: $3.98.Current price is: $1.99.

Sku: WES407

100 in stock

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Artistic Precision: Geometric Oxidized Earrings



Geometric Splendor: The Resurgence of Oxidized Silver

In the realm of jewelry, the Oxidized Silver Geometric Stud Earrings make a triumphant statement. Harnessing the antique allure of oxidized silver, these earrings are not merely accessories but fragments of an ancient tradition revived. The deliberate darkening of the silver adds depth and contrast, enhancing the geometric design’s bold angles and clean lines.


A Fusion of Timelessness and Trend: Crafting Modern Legacies

Rooted in time-honored metallurgy techniques, the oxidation process confers a vintage aesthetic to the silver. Yet, when juxtaposed with a modern geometric design, a fascinating duality emerges. The result? Earrings that resonate with both the echoes of the past and the pulse of the present, serving as a bridge between eras.


Wearable Art: Defining Sophistication Through Geometry

Modern art and jewelry intersect with these studs, turning the wearer into a walking gallery. Geometry, often associated with balance, proportion, and harmony, becomes a medium through which these earrings communicate sophistication and elegance, appealing to those with a discerning aesthetic sensibility.


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