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Round Silver Turquoise Stud Earring

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Round Silver Turquoise Stud Earring

100 in stock

  • SKU: WES561
  • Finish: Silver
  • Gem Stone: Turquoise
  • Size: 7mm
  • Weight: 0.8 Gram
  • Price Per Pair


Sku: WES561

100 in stock

Size Chart

Round Silver Turquoise Studs: Embrace Timeless Elegance


The Timeless Allure: Circle of Serenity
The Round Silver Turquoise Stud Earrings are not just another pair of jewelry; they are a circle of serenity, an emblem of enduring allure. Just as the circle has no end, the charm of these earrings knows no bounds. Every glance at these studs reminds you of the infinite beauty of nature and the ageless elegance of silver and turquoise combined.


Azure Skies: A Glimpse of Heaven on Earth
Dive into the depths of the blue with each wear. The turquoise, reminiscent of clear azure skies or tropical lagoons, holds tales of faraway lands and ancient legends. Set against the backdrop of gleaming silver, it’s a piece that promises more than style; it offers a story, a journey, a dream.


Silvery Dreams: The Purity of Passion
Dreams are ethereal, much like the glint of silver under the moonlight. The sterling silver setting of these earrings promises not just quality but a passion that shines bright. It’s the perfect canvas for the dreamy turquoise, making every wear akin to stepping into a silvery dream.


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